Pick-the-Plan, Then Your #, Done! No Really. That's All!

You find the plan that is right for you, pick out your new (Toll Free, Vanity, or Local) number, and have your phone ringing within the hour!  It’s that fast.   It’s really that easy!
The real benefit to our business is callers’ impressions that they’re reaching us in our offices at all times, when we may actually be in the car. RingCentral helps us with being professional while we’re mobile.
-Juanita Johnson, G & J Consulting Services

Smart 800 Numbers for Your Business

We sell all Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, as well as Local Numbers

Instant Activation

Get a new number within minutes

Easy Installation

Give out that new number.  You’re up and running!

No Hardware Required

Use your existing cell phone as your office phone.

Plans Starting at $12.95/mo

Single line plans to phones for your whole corporate office.

Make it easy for your customers to reach you!

  • Take calls from ANY device
  • Setup a dial by name company directory
  • Create extensions for each employee or department
  • Forward calls from your cell phone to any other device
  • Custom hold music for each extension
  • Welcome callers with a custom company greeting
  • Track incoming/outgoing calls in call logs
  • Easily set up after hours answering rules
  • Port your existing toll free numbers
  • Internet fax included at no extra charge

Big Office? No Problem.

We can setup your entire office with phones, e-fax lines, conference room systems, and anything you may need.  You name it.  We’ve got it!  Along with some SUPER competitive prices!  Crystal clear sound over the cloud will keep your phones ringing, even when the power and internet are out!  Backup systems ensure you can always get the call from your customer.  Complete control over calling process using very robust menus and call systems.  Ring the entire sales team and reward the employees that are quick to answer the phone with the sales lead.  Check the in-depth call logs daily to make sure everyone is on top of their game.  You can even have them emailed to you (and anyone else you want) at a time you determine.  This is a complete business phone system that goes unrivaled in the industry!