Logo Design

Logo Design FAQ

How much does it cost?
That answer depends on the package you choose.  We offer 3 packages for you to choose from which we base (and name) off of the Good, Better, Best method of providing a service or product.  You can find more information on the pricing of our logo design packages by clicking here.
How long does the process take?

That answer depends on a lot of factors.  Mainly, how detailed you are in filling out your creative brief will decrease the amount of revision rounds needed to get it 100% right.  The first initial concepts will be provided with 5 working days of receiving your CB.  Each round of revisions is between 3-5 days as well.

What is the process?
You can learn all about our process in detail by click here.  But basically, we break it down into 4 main phases:  Creative Brief, R&D, Design, and Delivery.
Who owns the rights to the logo?

You are 100% sole owner of the logo.  We do NOT retain any ownership of the logo as long as the project is paid in full (and since our projects are always pre-pay), this is always the case.

Are there any hidden fees or additional charges for revisions?

Hidden fees, NO!   We never sneak any charges in on you in any type of project or package we provide.  But, depending on the package there may be additional charges for multiple rounds of revisions that exceed the limit.

The only package we offer that does not include unlimited revisions is the Good package.  The Better and Best packages both include unlimited revisions.  The cost to add another 3 rounds of revisions is $75.

What file formats do I receive my new logo in?

You will get your new logo in the following formats:

.AI - Native Adobe Illustrator vector source file with editable content (if applicable)
.EPS - Vector source file with editable content (if applicable)
.PDF - Universal vector file format
.JPG - Raster graphic in multiple sizes
.PNG - Raster graphic with Transparent BG

Other formats can be provided upon request.

How many concepts do I get?

This also depends on the package chosen.  The Good option gets you 4 concepts, Better gets you 6, and Best gets you 10.

Will my logo be unique?

Yes!  We will provide you a logo designed by human artists specifically for you.  We never use logo generators, clip art, or recycle designs as some of our competitors do!

What exactly is your guarantee?

We guarantee your satisfaction.  If you are unhappy with the service you received, please contact us and we provide a revision request free of charge (applies to the Good package as the others have unlimited revisions).  Please show us examples of how you were clearly explaining your needs and how those were not being met.  Should the designers, just not be able to meet your expectations, contact a manager about a refund.

Do you design stationary as well?
Yes, we do. In fact, we offer you opportunities to add these products to your order at heavy discounts if placed in conjunction with your logo design.
Do you work with resellers?

Yes, we do! We often work with other graphic designers who may be overloaded or simply wish to outsource and be the middleman. When working with resellers, we make the following promises:

  • We will never let your client know you’ve outsourced your project.
  • We will never contact your client direct.
  • We will never use your projects in any of our portfolios or examples of our work.
  • We will never break our promises to you, causing you to break your promises to them!

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