Elegant Themes Black Friday Sale

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Promotions











Elegant Themes’ Black Friday Sale only comes once a year, and when it does, we at Lucmia pay attention!  Elegant Themes has become an essential part of our web development services and a product that we can honestly say has changed our business for the better.

That being said, we offer the suite of Elegant Themes products to OUR customers free of charge when they use us for their web development.  But, we have a lot of clients that we do marketing for but have not done any web design for.  Or anyone who is simply follows us and reads our marketing suggestions… this one’s for you!

Once a year, Elegant Themes really offers an incredible deal on a pretty incredible line of products.  That is their Black Friday Sale.  This year’s Black Friday sale starts on Friday, November 23rd at exactly 12:00 AM UTC-6., and you are definitely not going to want to miss it! There will be thousands of free prizes, free bonus gifts and THEIR BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER!  I will go ahead and just repeat that, THEIR BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER!  I am not sure what that means in terms of actual cost, but I can tell you this… we purchased our ET lifetime plan on Black Friday a few years back, and it was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made in the development of our Web Design services.

Take advantage while you can!